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Ducere Services are centered around customer satisfaction, dedication, and integrity…


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Customer service is the cornerstone of Ducere Transportation’s business and we believe that our strong commitment and thoughtful execution of exceptional service is what sets us apart.

You have many choices for service providers. The fact that you chose Ducere Transportation is significant and puts great responsibility in our hands. When you entrust us with your business it is our duty to be proactive and come to the table with a full suite of services and techniques to address your business needs; all while providing you and your staff with friendly, knowledgeable service. We pride ourselves on making each customer experience one that reflects the utmost in professionalism and integrity. Whether you are new customer or an existing customer our commitment to you is unwavering!

With Ducere’s diverse offering of solutions, we are positioned to address the simple and complex needs of your company. We have become a service provider partner to numerous industries providing “Total” logistics services for companies involved in worker’s compensation, healthcare, legal and various public and private sectors.

At Ducere, we are constantly evaluating our services, to make sure that we are offering the most comprehensive solutions to our customers. In doing so, we are able to serve you and allow your company’s reputation and influence to be felt by the multitude.

Let us show you why we are the industry leader in superior customer service!



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